Morris Cowley

The Morris Cowley is not just a single car model, it is in fact a series of
car models that is produced by the Morris Car Company starting from 1915 all the way to 1958. Only the first 3 generation are "strictly" vintage cars.

The first generation Cowley was build in 1915, featured the same "Bullnose" radiator as Morris Oxford but at a more economic price. Powered by the Continential four cylinder 1495cc engine, many of the parts in this Cowley are imported from United States to cut cost as they are cheaper than their UK counterparts. Only 1400 of the first generation Cowley are made, with the last unit produced in the year of 1920.

After the engine supply of the first Cowley models is phased out of production, the second updated Cowley model use a copy of the earlier Continental engine, which was made by the British branch of the French Hotchkiss Company. Morris later went on to acquire this branch in 1923 and renamed them Morris engines branch. There is a total of 150,000 units made for this model including the Oxford model.

Then comes the 1926 Morris Cowley, with the Bullnose radiator replaced by a flat version, an all steel body construction, new chassis kitted with semi-elliptic leaf suspension plus Smith friction type scissor shock absorbers. This model also comes in a range of different body styles, including 2 and 4 seat tourer, coupe, saloon and even a folding head saloon body style.

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